Ario Green Kiwi Fruit

Ario Green kiwifruit Introduction

Ario Green kiwifruit is a full of energy green fleshed fruit  with a small white core and black seeds that burst with a tangy, sweet sour taste combination of refreshing flavors, leaving the mouth feeling clean and alive. Nutrition-wise, Ario kiwifruit s contains about as much potassium as bananas, and also contains 1.5 times the DRI for Vitamin C. It is also rich in Vitamins A and E, and its black seeds can be crushed to produce kiwi fruit oil, which is very rich in Alfa-Linoleic Acid (an important Omega-3 essential fatty acid).  

What's Ario Green kiwifruit ?

Ario Green kiwifruit is a green variety of traditional kiwi fruit. The kiwi fruit is a delicious and tasty (tart- sweet) winter fruit that is excellent source of nutrients including Vitamin aC. Ario Green kiwifruit is favorite ingredients that use it for almost anything such as desserts, foods, ice creams, jams and etc.  

Green kiwifruit History

Green kiwifruit is one of the most major and popular kiwifruit sorts in the worldwide and its name is 'Hayward'. It's the most commonly available cultivar in stores. It is a large, egg-shaped fruit with a sweet flavor. The kiwifruit has a very interesting history. Native to China, kiwifruit s were originally known as Yang Tao. They were brought to New Zealand from China by missionaries in the early 20th century. In the after years in United States, changed its name from Chinese gooseberry to kiwifruit .Now it finds in all the worldwide shops, such as Iran country, there are over than %99 Iranian gardens from this kiwi. Iran country has short history but bright about Green kiwi fruit production with above quality. Despite tough competition from the likes of Italy and France, Iran’s kiwifruit sector has made progress in recent years thanks to modernization efforts in fields and pack houses. Iran's country export green kiwi fruit to across the world like: Russian, India, the Persian Gulf countries and etc.

Where is Ario Green kiwifruit Growing?

Some provinces in Iran are the only places where have all weather conditions growing this plant. More of Iranian kiwifruit have grown in northern Iran for good weather. Early production of green kiwi fruit, abundant products of third year after kiwi fruit planting, the balance of costs, reasonable price,  and etc. all these factors have caused to greater encouraged Iranian growers to grow and production this product.
Iranian green kiwifruit is the most popular kiwi sort in the country and in the recent years, more of Iranian kiwifruit gardens removal this harvest. This sort kiwi fruit is cultivated about %99 in the Iran gardens for different reasons like: The uniformity of fruit, marketability, high storage capacity and etc.
Iran currently has First kiwi harvest per unit area, and this success owes proper planning and training classes and information updates in the planting, growing and harvest fields for kiwifruit growers.

Ario Green kiwifruit Moisture

Ario Green kiwifruit needs to moderate moisture content. Its relative humidity is 18-22%.

Ario Green kiwifruit Color

  • Outer color: Green or light brown and fibrous
  • Inner color: Emerald green flesh (bright green) and tiny black seeds.

Ario Green kiwifruit Shape

Ario Green kiwifruit shape is a beak shape at the stem attachment. It's oval, large, egg-shaped with a slight protruding style end and rounded to flat shape of shoulder on the stalk end. The green-fleshed fruit also has a small pointed crown on the exterior.

Ario Green kiwifruit Skin

Golden kiwifruit has a thinner skin that is far smoother without any of the fuzz found on the original green variety. The skin is also edible and adds to the fiber, but my suggestion if you want to eat it would be to throw it into a smoothie.

Ario Green kiwifruit Size

High quality Green Hayward kiwifruit is in 27, 30, 33 Sizes.

Ario Green kiwifruit Weight

The green kiwifruit weight is about 70 -140 g.

Ario Green kiwifruit Taste

The green kiwi fruit has a sweet – tart taste .Ario green kiwi fruit taste ( be never tasteless) and aroma is excellent and unique because our product is organic and % 100 natural.

Ario Green kiwifruit Keeping Temperature

If our green kiwifruit isn't yet ripe, we can keep it at room temperature (away from heat and sun) for too long. But when the green kiwifruit becomes ripe (a little soft) we should keep in fridge because it is soon and quite perishable. Ripe kiwifruit normally keep for about one to two weeks. In the recent years Kiwi can storage up to four to six months at 31-32 F. (-5-0 C.).

Ario Green kiwifruit Harvesting Time

The green kiwi fruit harvesting time depends to the weather and region but Iranian harvest (production) removal is earlier if other rivals. it is usually available by autumn season(October month). 

Ario Green kiwifruit Packing

Our company is always offering high quality products and most favorable service for our buyers, we take quality as important as service. Our package weight is usually:

  • 4 and 10kg in the each plastic basket
  • 1.5 (10 k mother packing) and 3 kg in the each carton basket

Ario Green kiwifruit Nutrition

The green kiwifruit is rich source of high nutrient, minerals ( Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, man genus, Phosphorous, Potassium, selenium, sodium) , vitamins( A, B, C), fatty acids ( Omega 3, Omega 6), protein, dietary fiber, antioxidants so golden kiwi fruit can help and raise  the immune system against diseases.
Fresh green kiwifruit is very few proteins, fats and calories. Ario Green kiwifruit s are perfect to replenish salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise.  The green kiwifruit s are comprised more than %90 water and are a good source of vitamin and fiber.

Per 100 g of Ario Green kiwifruit includes:

Minerals: Potassium – 312 mg, Calcium – 3.4 mg, Iron – 0.34mg,  Copper – 0.130 mg,  Manganese – 17 mg, Magnesium – 0.098 mg , Zinc – 0.14 mg, Sodium- 2 mg.
Vitamin: Vitamin C – 92.7 mg, Vitamin A – 87 IU, Vitamin B1 (Tiamina) - 0.027 mg - Vitamin B3( Niacina) – 0.341 mg, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic  acide) – 0.183 mg, vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine) – 0.063 mg , Vitamin B9 (Folate) – 25 mcg ,Vitamin E – 1.46 mg, Vitamin K – 40.3 mcg.
Principle: Calorie - 61 Kcal,  Protein – 1.14 g, Carbohydrates – 14.66 g, Total Fat - 0.52 g, Dietary Fiber – 3 g, Cholesterol – 0 mg.

Ario Green kiwifruit and Protections from Disease (Medical Benefits)

The green kiwifruit is a valuable and useful fruit. This delicious fruit is rich and excellent source of high nutrients so can have medical benefits for us:

  • Green kiwifruit ’s vitamin C (92.7 mg per 100 g) has good and excellent function in the immune system. It is a powerful antioxidant which protects our bodies from stress, cancer types, viruses that cause cough and colds. Also helps to collagen, cartilage, blood vessels, and muscles.
  • Green kiwifruit ’s Vitamin B3/Niacin (0. 341mg per 100) has role in producing energy from dietary carbohydrates and is an essential vitamin required for processing fat in the body, lowering cholesterol levels, and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Green kiwifruit ’s copper (0.130 mg per 100) is essential for healthy blood, bones and brains. But we should use moderate because its deficiency causes anemia, fatigue, osteoporosis and etc. Also its high consumption causes exhibit hyperactivity for children and etc. The fruits and vegetables are the moderate sources for us.
  • Green kiwifruit ’s Iron (0.34 mg per 100 g) is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen to all parts of our body but we should get it moderate so the body can well regulate iron.
  • Green kiwifruit ’s high potassium (312mg per 100 g) and Low Sodium (3mg per 100 g) minerals can prevent and reduce high blood pressure, maintain a fluid balance, regulating and improving heart function and etc.

Ario Green kiwifruit Uses

Research shows utilize the bark, kernels, leaves, or roots Green kiwifruit have too many benefits in food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products. We are mentioned some of them for you":

  • Medical application
  • Green kiwifruit seed Oil :The green kiwifruit seed Oil is good source if high nutrients including an average green kiwifruit has 62% alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) while these acids can't make in the body so we must bring them through food. These alpha-linoleic acids can help to reduce to cardiovascular diseases. Also kiwi black seeds are included vitamin D. This vitamin is raised strengthen bones and help to bones growth. Also Green kiwifruit seed oil can be used in a number of cosmetic applications including skin care, anti-aging, under eye, sensitive skin, and sun protection.
  • Green kiwifruit juice concentrate is one other of kiwi fruit production. This product is very delicious and rich source of high nutrients for us, especially when we cannot enjoy the fresh fruit.
  • Culinary uses: Green kiwifruit contents have higher economic value than the kiwifruit skin. The flesh and juice of the green kiwifruit is used in various foods, drinks, desserts around the world. Even Green kiwifruit ’s powder uses as a nutritive garnish in various consumptions.